Sliding Gates Construction And Design


Though sliding gates are generally used for commercial applications, they are a fantastic addition to any residential property where efficient use of space is required. They can be easily customised and made from materials such as timber, steel or aluminium. Sliding gates also offer an additional security benefit, as they’re much more difficult to open.

If you’re after a cost-effective automated gate system, a sliding gate is an excellent choice as only one motor is required to service a large opening. Sliding gates also offer the choice of installing a track or cantilever system, for your home or business. A Brisbane-based technician can assist you to determine which option is best suited for you.

Sliding gates typically have a single door, which runs on a motorised rail system.

An automatic gate system requires a long, narrow channel for the gate to slide across when opening or closing. This type of gate can protect large entrances, entrances on a hill, or any space where you don’t want to crowd the property with swing gates.

When choosing the right motor for the system, you should consider the length and weight of the door. Our friendly Brisbane technician will gladly assist you to ensure your requirements are met.

To avoid damage to any object or persons, the automatic gates have both sensitive edges and anti-crushing/obstacle detection technology, which reverses the movement of the gate when the gate is obstructed.

How much does the leaf gate weigh?

There are many motorisations for residential use, including light leaf gates up to 300 kg and heavy ones up to 600 and 1000 kg. These can cater to tailor-made systems without any problem.

Is it possible to automate heavy gates for wide entrances (which are typical of shopping centres, industries, hospitals, etc.)?

The motorizations are designed to control the automation of the gates with leaves which weigh up to 3500 kg. They’re also designed to ensure maximum safety and reliable, long-lasting performance—which can continue under and weather conditions.