Pedestrian Gates

Our pedestrian gates offer security and provide a touch of class to any home or office building. The single-leaf swing gate is a popular option for a pedestrian gate as it allows access and at the same time protects your home or property.

Pedestrian gates (as part of a fence) mean you can funnel foot traffic to a specific location while blending in harmoniously with the design of your home or business exterior.

Pedestrian gates also make wonderful barriers for pets and small children, keeping them from entering into areas that may be unsafe, like a well-trafficked road or water hazard.


Automated pedestrian gates

For even more security, automated pedestrian gates are available with motorised arm movement..

Automated pedestrian gates come with a gearmotor. This part of the gate is very compact, and can easily fit in small spaces or on narrow poles (with a width of only 10cm,) or on a part of the fence or a nearby wall.