Car Park System

The Primary Medical & Dental Centre, Southport is a fully functioning medical centre offering not only medical but also dental.  There is a pharmacy on site to create a ‘one stop shop’.

The system is configured for centre users to access the area and park.  The visitors will take a ticket upon entry and either pay at ‘pay machine’ by cash or credit card, credit card on exit. If the visitors stay for between 0 – 3 hours parking is free.  Payment is required for times above 3 hours shown below in increments.

The car park system consists of one entry lane one exit lanes and one payment machine.

The system has the addition of the VoIP based intercom for assistance at either ticket entry dispenser, exit ticket machine or payment machine.

  • Aesthetic Design.
  • Control and functionality.
  • Full management capabilities.
  • Maximise revenue potentials.


Primary Medical & Dental Centre, Southport, Queensland, Australia, 4215

Available Spaces:



Amano  XP 2800 Entry Ticket Dispenser

Amano XP 6700 Exit Macine

G400 Parkstar Boom / Barrier Gate

PCI Compliant Cisco Router

3MP Outdoor Network IR Zoom Dome Cameras, 20M IR,True Day/Night

Standalone DVR,4CIF resolution, Dual-stream, 8  SATA & 2 USB 2.0 Interfaces

Car Park Rates:

0 – 3 Hours               Free

3 – 4 hours               $ 5.00

4 – 5 hours               $ 10.00

5 – 6 hours               $ 15.00

6 hours or more     $ 20.00

Lost Ticket              $ 20.00


Amano Parking System Brochure – Click here