New range of Nice Bar road barrier systems

To control accesses in public and private parking areas, even where traffic is heavy. 
For bars up to 7 to 9 meters.

Also Available With Stainless Steel Body

Elegant, streamlined design.

Carefully selected materials. Greater convenience, safety at all times.


Practical installation: bars of 7, 8 and 9 metres are easily assembled using the aluminium expansion joint.

Possibility for intelligent control of two opposing automations thanks to “master/slave” function.

Strength and reliability: robust structure in steel, new high strength balancing springs guaranteed up to 1,000,000 opening and closing operations and elliptical section bar with high wind-gust resistance.
-Optional flashing or traffic light can be integrated in cover.

-Encoder movement control and electromechanical limit switches.

More comfort and safety in programming and maintenance phases: the separate enclosures for electronics and mechanics protect internal parts from potential risks.

Rapid and easy access to the control unit located in the upper section of the barrier body.

Simple fi xture of the completely concealed photocells onto the specially designed seats on the barrier body.

More safety and reliability: obstacle detection and monitoring of motor absorption during automation movement.
Automatic fault diagnostics during operation with consequent signalling of fault type through specifi c fl ash sequences.

Provision for connection of latest generation optical and resistive sensitive edges (with 8.2 KOhm resistance).

Energy saving: the system sets to standby when not in use to save consumption.
No blackouts: emergency backup power with the optional batteries housed inside the case.
Release from side with metal key, can be installed on either side.


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