More Savings and respect for the environment!

Nice Solemyo is the kit for solar power for automation of gates, garage doors and barrier gates, including those located far
from the power mains.

Being green isn’t only about recycling your waste. The modern day electric gate market has made great leaps within solar
power gate industry.

There is no restriction to the type of gate automation which can be used with this solar power technology. Therefore, swing, sliding automation including boom gate operators & underground operators can all be powered via solar panels for residential commercial and industrial applications.

A huge benefit for customers with very long driveways and large properties away from mains power supplies, this is why solar is beneficial and affordable.

Installable anywhere:
Without the need for connections or excavations, even in the most remote locations or those difficult to access with the power mains.

Increased savings and respect for the environment:
Thanks to solar energy, free and clean: an ecological and intelligent choice with considerable savings.

Low consumption with no risk of blackouts:
Extended duration of energy reserve, combined with low consumption of automations, guarantee operation also in prolonged overcast conditions.

Nice Nrc 
Thanks to NRC (Nice Radio Connection) and Solemyo, Nice makes the installation process in a simple and convenient, especially in existing buildings, which are the majority, removing any obstacle to bring automation systems.

Nice job putting the sun in home Automation!

Nice Robus With Solemyo
Nice Robus With Solemyo - Gate Opener
Nice Pop With Solemyo
Nice Pop With Solemyo - Gate Opener
Nice Toona With Solemyo
Nice Toona With Solemyo - Gate Opener
Solar Sliding Gate - Nice Solemyo Solar Kit
Solar Swing Gate - Nice Solemyo Solar Kit